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Dave Taylor, BSc., MDE, MA.

  • More than 35 years experience in the education and training sector. 

  • Served as a member of Niagara College Canada’s senior administrative team.

  • Held a number of college sector positions in senior management, academic leadership, and faculty. 

  • Served as the college’s Sr VP International and Dean of International Partnerships, leading a number of international development projects and "Be World Ready" activities. 

  • Posted in Saudi Arabia for two years as the founding Campus Principal for Niagara College’s Saudi operations to oversee the initial development of two offshore campuses.   ( NC-KSA video )

  • VIDEO: Presentation to the Southern Ontario Western New York Rotary on the challenges of establishing college campuses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Leadership role within key academic operational initiatives across a variety of disciplines.

  • Experienced in strategic planning, and the assessment of academic and operational efficiencies, providing a wealth of experience and insight to progressive educational and business development. 

  • Significant experience in providing supports and mentoring for the development of human resources within post-secondary leadership.

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